(Grabado por Sonido XXI durante

conciertos en Terminal, Garoa y Subsuelo) 


1. Blues ain't (is) nothing

2. No guerras
3. You were wrong
4. Blues medley
5. Balada para M.
6. Messin' with the kid
7. ¿Por qué canto blues?
8. Simple man
9. One way out
10. Bonus track: Amazing grace




(6 Primeros temas grabados en Tok! Audio, 
7 a 11 grabados en TolosandBlues el
4 de junio de 2005


1. Lástima my lady
2. All your love
3. Ain't no sunshine
4. Don't let me be misunderstood
5. Let's have some fun
6. If loving you is wrong, 
   I don't want to be right
7. Dont want you no more
   + It's not my cross to bear
8. Come by and see
9. Funky medley
   (I feel good
   + Papa's got a brand new bag
   + Sex machine)
10. You were wrong
11. Further on up the road



THE BLUES (2013)

(Grabado por Raúl Elizalde y mezclado y masterizado por Josean Olaverri en Tok! Audio


1. It serves me right to suffer

2. Woman across the river

3. When the lights came on

4. You know it ain't right

5. Southbound

6. Last two dollars

7. Blues singer

8. Still raining

9. Help me

10. I feel the earth move






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